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It was a time they will never forget. The long treturous walk through Afghanistan to save their own lives. ‘None of it would of ever happened if it wasn’t for Grandma’s tree. And that’s a fact. Ever since grandma had died – that was about three years ago now – Grandpa had always come to spend the summer holidays at home with us up in Manchester. But this summer he couldn’t come, because he was worried about grandma’s tree.’

Shadow, this one of a kind book was written in 2010 by Michael Morpurgo a famous author who at the time had already written 40 books. Amen; the young kind hearted boy and his brave mum walk the long 6 week walk from Afghanistan to England. They soon meet a dog by the name of Shadow who guides them to their destination with a lot of fun and exciting, as well as sad and depressing adventures along the way. They then after six years of living in England hit a speedbump. Amen’s friend king, hearted Matt and his grandpa help him over it and get them back on their feet. This sad book tells the life and hope and little boy can have from just a little thing.

The book is set in the country side at Matt’s grandpa’s farm. It is also at Yarl’s Wood, the detention centre, where most of the story is set and told. Amen tells the story of his life journey here at Yarl’s wood and they also do the protest here too. At the farm, Matt and Grandpa always sit together and grandpa creates the newspaper article here at the farm too.

I would personally give this book a 4/5 because I thought it was a good way to tell a story of such a sad things to younger readers and also there weren’t too many words on each page so it was easy to read. To improve though, i

I would recommend this book to 10 year olds and up because it is sad but it tells the story of this poor family that should not be put in this situation ever. If you love war or relationship stories, or books that are sad but always end up with a happy ending, this book is for you.

In this book I think the message is that you should always be prepared to help others when they are in need and respect others even if they are different. Matt and his Grandpa show this really well because they are prepared to help out Amen and his mother in tough times. Also the soldiers and Amen’s uncle help him out a lot.



I LOVE this book 2!!!!

3rd Dec, 18


3rd Dec, 18